Pico ICS Repeater

As a quick solution of covering the area with the weak mobile communication signal, the Pico ICS repeater developed with the ICS technology , power on to work without configuration, the typical application scenes including indoor places, such as the residences, meetings, business, offices, etc.

  • ☉ Built-in antenna, small size and convenient for installation.
  • ☉ The outlay donor antenna is available (the built-in or outlay according to the difference of the environment)
  • ☉ GSM system supports the automatic search and lock functions of the frequency points.
  • ☉ Support the continuous operation bandwidth of maximum 75M.
  • ☉ GSM system supports 16 frequency points at most.
Model RM-PR2000
Frequency range 800M/900M/1800M/2100M
Output power 17dBm
Gain 40dB~75dB
Bandwidth 75M
Artificial intelligence Operation when powering up, dispensing with configuration
Monitor interface 1 USB interface
RF interface 50Ω SMA-K
Power consumption DC9V/2.4A~12V/1.9A
Operating temperature -20℃~+60℃
Size 250mm × 190mm × 60mm


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