RM-EAS102-Intelligent Wireless Alarm System-Intelligent Wireless Alarm Set(For P2P Cameras)
RM-EAS102-Intelligent Wireless Alarm System-Intelligent Wireless Alarm Set(For P2P Cameras)

RM-ft1002-Intelligent Wireless Alarm Set(For P2P Cameras)-Intelligent Wireless Alarm System

Set Content

Parameters Features Pictures
1. Power supply: 100VAC~240VAC
2. Static current: ≤140Ma, alarm current: ≤500Ma
3. Working condition: temperature -10℃~50℃ Humidly <80%
4. Support max 8 wireless remote controllers, and max 116pcs wireless sensors
5. System wireless frequency 433.92MHz or 868.35MHz;
6. Backup battery: rechargeable lithium battery 7.4V 1200mAH;
7. 3 Bands 900/1800/1900MHz or 4 Bands 850/900/1800/1900MHz is optional for GSM host;
8. Product dimension: 230mm*140mm*22mm
Standard Accessories:
1、Alarm host  2、Rechargeable Wireless Smart Door  3、Rechargeable Wireless PIR Sensor   4、Sensor Wireless controller
Optional Accessories:
1、 Wireless Smoke Detector  2、Wireless Household Gas Detector 
1、7 "color screen, graphic display, friendly man-machine interface.  2、Multi-languages optional (simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, German, French, Russian…etc.).
3、3/4 band GSM alarm information transmission, the realization of the telephone voice alarm, protection zones/SMS alarm;  4、30 wireless defence areas, extensible 8 wired defence areas and wired siren . preset up five    groups of alarm telephone, each group can be arbitrary set to phone call or SMS alarm,    automatic cycle dial; 
5、 Intelligent logic analysis technology, while alarm, display the corresponding protection zones , installation location, name of probe ,etc…   6、Alarm priority, random recording, voice alarm, SMS alarm, on-site monitoring, power off information preservation, AC/DC power supply optional;
7、Text messaging, remote controller, host keypad, remote control keypad (optional), long distance telephone five ways control arm/disarm ;  8、Doors & windows condition monitoring automatically, can be extended to realize the wireless    doorbell "ding dong" function; 
9、Host low-voltage alarm; 10、"One-click" arm operation , "learning type" match the wireless detector, configure up to eight remote control; 29 wireless defence areas , each area configure max with four detectors; 
11、Prompt function of defence ares detection in disarm conditions , can track the children   12、Detectors low-voltage alarm, and display the low-voltage detector name and location ; 
13、Bypass and open each defence area , defence areas type, enter time delay ,can be set via the menu Settings.  14、High capacity lithium battery, perfecting system self-inspection, can prompt telephone wire cut , battery low voltage, without external electricity. 
15、A "black box" data record function, can store 99 operation and alarm information;  16、Compatible with “CID” protocol; 
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