RC-58NA-17I-Wireless AP CPE
RC-58NA-17I-Wireless AP CPE

RC-58NA-17I-Wireless AP CPE

RC-58NA-17I Indoor and outdoor integrated wireless AP, Working in 5GHz frequency range, Using the technology of 802.11N. 2x2 two receives and two transmitters wireless architecture, built-in high gain dual polarized antenna. Support air rate up to 300Mbps. Compatible with 11N/A, Using OFDM modulation and MINO technique, Supporting point to point (PTP) and point to multipoint (PTMP) Network structure. It's a high bandwidth and high competitive outdoor wireless AP/CPE


For financial services, airports, schools, hotels, parking lots, and other requirements place in HD

Feature Camera Parameters Application
  • ☉ Wide spectrum (5150-5850MHz), dynamic frequency selection,400MW high power RF output, power adjustable.
  • ☉ Antenna calibration provides the LED signal intensity display.
  • ☉ The built-in 16dBi high gain dual polarized antenna.
  • ☉ Strong ability of anti-interference and multi path effect, air rate can be up to 300Mbps.
  • ☉ Built-in "watchdog" to make the system more stable and reliable.
  • ☉ With advanced anti-neighborhood mutual interference ability, automatically adjust the best transfer rate by signal strength and transmission distance.
  • ☉ With two adaptive modulation capability, automatic orderly regulate the wireless link quality, optimizing the spectrum utilization rate to solve the signal attenuation.
Model RC-58NA-17I
Wireless Frequency / Protocol 5150-5850MHz / 802.11a/n
Modulation mode OFDM/MIMO
Rate selection 6、9、12、18、24、36、48、54、96、108、150、240、300Mbps Dynamic transformation
Work pattern The coverage of AP /  Bridge/ AP Repeater/ Wireless client
Level display Support receive level status / antenna calibration
Frequency Scanning Site scanning and channel detection
RF Radio-frequency power 26dBm±1dBm
Sensitivity -75dBm@300Mbps/-74dBm@108Mbps/-86dBm@12Mbps/-92dBm@6Mbps
RF bandwidth 5/10/20/40MHZ
Safety Character Encryption method WEP/WPA/WPA2/802.1x
The two layer of isolation Support hidden SSID
ACL control MAC address filtering access control list
Network Management Network  properties DHCP Server/DHCP Client/Net
Bandwidth control Support to control up and down bandwidth
Situation display ARP、Bridge、route 、throughput table
Virtual SSID Support multiple SSID and encryption mode
802.1Q Support for 802.1Q VLAN
Management style WEB、SNMP、TELNET、SSH
Update backup Support WEB, TFTP, FTP upgrade and backup
Roam switch Support intelligent roaming algorithm
LED indicator High brightness LED equipment running status indicator and signal intensity indicator
Electrical Character Power supply mode Standard: 24V POE remote power supply module(Optional: DC12-24V input)
Max Power 8W
Interface Type Antenna interface Built-in 17dBi dual polarized antenna
Network interface Support adaptive MDI/MDIX and RJ45 Ethernet power supply function
Hardware reset A hardware reset button
DC interface DC input interface (optional, not with the POE power supply at the same time)
Physical Characteristics Size 278.5×122.2×94.5 mm
Weight 0.5KG
Material UV/ABS
Environmental Working temperature -40C~+80C
Operating humidity 95%, no condensation
Waterproof Level IP67

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